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লিগ্যাল অ্যাডভাইজর নিয়োগ

পদের নাম : Legal Adviser

প্রতিষ্ঠানের নাম : Snowtex Group

খালি পদের সংখ্যা : ০১

চাকরির প্রাসঙ্গিক বর্ণনা

    We are a fast growing garment manufacturing unit (100% export oriented) having strength of more than 10000 employees. After a successful past in manufacturing we are looking for some proactive dynamic & highly motivated legal advisor for the organization.

চাকরির বিবরণ / দায়িত্বসমূহ

  • Primarily responsible for providing high quality advice to the organization on major legal issues and problems and also ensure labor rules according to Bangladesh Labor Law in the company
  • Anatomize the legal documents and ensure that everything is in accordance with approved and prescribed formats..
  • Follow up and coordinate all the required activities such as renewals, expiration notice, amendments etc. as per the terms and conditions of contracts, agreements, or any other legal instruments in an absolute timely manner.
  • Conduct and monitor different legal matters associated with company business when required
  • To draw up formalities regarding the settlement of disputes and monitor the implementation of the legal clauses.
  • Keeping track of legal issues &cases.
  • Look up on compliance matter of the company in accordance with applicable laws, rules & regulation.
  • Maintain & archive necessary legal documents, files & registers.
  • Provide appropriate legal service.
  • Arrange, attend & facilitate various types of meeting, training & department programs.
  • Cooperate land & properties documents which the company wishes to purchase.

চাকরির ধরন : পার্ট টাইম, চুক্তিভিত্তিক

শিক্ষাগত যোগ্যতা

  • LLB/ LLM from a reputed university/ Institute.
  • Foreign Degree will give more priority.


  • ৩ থেকে ৫ বছর
  • চাকরিপ্রার্থীদের যেসব ক্ষেত্রে অভিজ্ঞতা থাকতে হবেঃ
    Consultant, Lawyer, Labor Law, Tax Law, Land

অন্যান্য যোগ্যতা

  • The applicants should have experience in the following area(s):
  • Labor Law, Lawyer, Audit/Investigation, , Tax Law, Land, Criminal law
  • The applicants should have advisory experience in the following business area(s):
  • Garments, Textile, Manufacturing Companies
  • Applicants must have good English efficiency.
  • He should possess excellent analytical, researching and reporting skills.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to take good decisions based on judgment which are absolutely essential.
  • He should be keep himself updated with all the legal laws and should be able to apply them in the given situation.

কর্মস্হল : Dhaka Division

আপনার জীবনবৃত্তান্ত পাঠাবেন এই ঠিকানায়।

আবেদনের শেষ তারিখ : ডিসেম্বর ১২, ২০১৭

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