JMBF Expresses Grave Concerns over the Inclusion of the Death Penalty in Ansar Battalion Act

Repoter : News Room
Published: 5 September, 2023 5:48 pm

Paris, France: Justice Makers Bangladesh in France (JMBF) is gravely concerns over the Cabinet approval of the Ansar Battalion Act, 2023, by the Government of Bangladesh on September 4, 2023, which includes the death penalty as the maximum punishment for various offenses, including mutiny and provocation for rebellion.

The decision to uphold the death penalty as the ultimate form of punishment under this new legislation is a matter of profound concern, and JMBF strongly demands for reducing the maximum penalty from death to life imprisonment until the end of natural life.

Advocate Shahanur Islam, Founder President of JusticeMakers Bangladesh in France (JMBF), states, “The death penalty cannot be considered an ultimate solution; rather, it amounts to the deprivation of an individual’s life in the name of justice. In the contemporary world, many countries are moving away from capital punishment, while Bangladesh is contemplating its inclusion in a new law. This stands in direct contradiction to the principles of human rights.”

Advocate Shahanur Islam further emphasizes, “There is no substantial body of evidence indicating that the death penalty possesses any unique deterrent effect. In essence, it does not dissuade individuals from committing grave crimes any more effectively than alternative forms of punishment.”

JMBF respectfully urges the Government of Bangladesh to reconsider its stance and align it with international human rights standards. JMBF calls for a revision of the maximum penalty from death to life imprisonment until the end of natural life, representing a more humane and equitable approach to criminal justice.

JMBF earnestly hopes that the government will take heed of our concerns and take the necessary measures to ensure that the Ansar Battalion Act, 2023, adheres to principles that champion justice, dignity, and the safeguarding of human rights.