Inter-Parliamentary Union: Assembly Focuses on Parliamentarians’ Role in Fighting Terrorism

Shameema Rahman (Apr. 25, 2017) On April 1, 2017, the 136th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary... details

Shiite & Sunny Vs. Monarchy & Democracy

Shameema Rahman Is it wrong to say, Shiite Muslims support democracy and Sunny Muslims support... details

Fight for Qualified Applicant’s Opportunity in Public Employment

Mazharul Islam The recent trend to exclude a group of qualified applicants (National, Private and... details

Women Have to Build their Own Fortune

Advocate Shahanur Islam In the traditional societies, dignity and respect of women did not receive... details

Rehabilitation is important for Eunuchs

Dr. Badrul Hasan Kachi The persons whom we say third gender are much known as... details

Child rights on paper only?

Jahangir Alam Sarker Will the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) remain only... details

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