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Dhaka ,Sunday 8 April, 2018

Rehabilitation is important for Eunuchs

Dr. Badrul Hasan Kachi

The persons whom we say third gender are much known as eunuch among general people. The number of this gender is so meager but they are marked in the eye of general people. The reasons are their walking style, behavior, dress are not normal, slightly different. All these attract general people easily. According to the gender, they are not either male or female. But we find womanly behaviors among them. They like to beautify themselves like women.

Eunuchs are a laughing-stock to the society people. They are being laughed every time. They dream to live facing all these problems. For earning their bread they come out on the road and raise their hands to the people for 5/10 taka as donation. Someone gives money while someone abuses them. Someone think that by taking donations, they are making properties. But we don’t think for a while that they are detached from the society. They don’t   get any better place to live and not anything better to eat. They are like those persons who have communicable diseases and nobody want to be in touch of them.

So, now think do they have any opportunity to make anything bigger? For this misconception, we notice some unaccepted incidents in our society. I have mentioned earlier, not everybody give donations to the eunuch. Sometimes, the situation become worse and makes fighting. Recently some eunuchs have seriously injured two police men. We forget that as they have physical incompletion, they have incomplete mental development too. They have no formal education. So they don’t know how to behave with people. Besides the continuously negligence from society have made their mental condition abnormal.

We only notice their bad sides. As a human being they must have a nice mind and a kind heart. One example can be given here; one year before in capital Dhaka’s Hatirjheel area, blogger Oashikur Rahman Babu was killed, and some eunuchs have caught the murderers. These brave and responsible efforts are proving that eunuchs are not only bothering us, they have something to give the society.

Some days earlier, I heard that government also wants to provide rehabilitation facilities to them. So, primarily they will work as a traffic police. A lot of people have praised this decision. But where is the implementation of this decision. We have to implement this at any cost.

At last I want to say that eunuchs collect donations just for earning their livelihood. We general people become annoyed for this. We should keep patience with them till the government stand beside and rehabilitate them.


Writer: Lawyer and Human Rights Activist.