NILS BD presents 2nd International Law Fest launches its registration

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Published: 3 November, 2020 1:03 pm
NILS BD presents 2nd International Law Fest

Lamia Khan Sethil: The Bangladesh Chapter of Network for International Law Students (NILS) is going to organize The 2nd International Law Fest 2020 after successfully organizing the 1st Edition last year. This year’s Grand 3-day long “International Law Fest 2020” is scheduled to be held from 17th December to 19th December 2020 in an online platform with event support of the Center for the Study of Genocide and Justice (CSGJ), Liberation War Museum (LWM).

NILS Bangladesh has revealed the core theme of this event which is “International Conflict & Human Rights”. The law fest consists of three segments including 2nd International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition, Poster Presentation Competition on GBV and Justice for Rape Victims and International Webinar on International Conflict and Peace. Except Moot Court Competition, rest of the two segments are open for students of social sciences (Criminology, Sociology, Criminology, Gender Studies, Psychology, International Relation etc) also.

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The 2nd International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition seeks to raise awareness of the laws of war crimes, genocide and crime against humanity. It’s an occasion for the law students to put forth their arguments of prosecution and defence and apply the applicable laws. The disputable moot problem is fictional, however, manages main problems brought before the International Criminal Court (ICC).The IHL Moot Court Competition exclusively for the law students of reputed public & Private Universities from home & abroad. The theme of the Poster Presentation is ‘Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Justice for the Rape Victims’. Students of diverse disciplines such as Law, Sociology, History, Criminology, Phycology, Political Science, International Relation, Gender Studies, Human Rights Studies, and Genocide Studies are encouraged to take part in this segment. The main purpose of this poster presentation is to advocate for ensuring justice for the victims of GBV of different corners of the world. And lastly International Webinar will highlight the contemporary aspects of international conflict and human rights involving the eminent personalities from the diverse countries of the world. This webinar is designed for the scholars, academicians, and researchers to discuss the contemporary aspects of international conflict and human rights.  In addition, a cultural event will be served on the closing day.

The grand International Law Fest will raise awareness among participants about the awareness and enrich knowledge on ‘International Conflict & Human Rights’. This year NILS Bangladesh concentrates on the youthful personalities of any reputed public and private institutions from home and abroad to take part in the various segments of the program which are planned in a comprehensive way contacting all parts of the academic spectrum.  NILS Bangladesh is pleased to invite students from home and abroad to participate in the enriching experience of this 2nd International Law Fest 2020. 

Registration for The 2nd International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition will be open on 1st November and continue till 8th November. The Network for the International Law Students (NILS) Bangladesh is inviting national & international law students from different countries around the globe to participate in the 2nd International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition 2020. The Competition will take place from 17th to 19th December 2020.

The Network for International Law Students (NILS) is an international, independent, non-political and non-profit organization of law students from twenty-six countries around the world. The Bangladesh Chapter of NILS, which started operations in Bangladesh in 2016, won the Chapter of the Year award among 26 countries for its contribution to law education in Bangladesh in 2017-18. With member in 48 universities of Bangladesh, NILS Bangladesh promotes the goals of NILS & organizes different workshops, seminars, competitions (Legal Debate & Moot), conference, Law Journals and legal awareness programs to contribute in legal education as well as the attempt of enhancing skill to develop inherent potentiality and increase the opportunity of law students nationally & internationally.