NILS Bangladesh Has Formed A New National Board

Repoter : News Room
Published: 17 April, 2021 5:36 pm

NILS Bangladesh, the country’s fastest-growing law student forum, has announced its newly diversified and enthusiastic executive committee for the term 2021-2022. The new National Board of NILS Bangladesh was recently elected by students from 14 public and private universities.

On Monday, April 12, 2021, the National Board of NILS(Bangladesh), the highest executive body, has organized an Annual General Meeting (AGM). At the AGM, a farewell has been arranged by the new national board to pay tribute to the former national board members. Ms. Nasrin Sultana, Founder Trustee and Founding President of NILS Bangladesh, and Mohammad Pizuar Hossain, Member Trustee of NILS Bangladesh, were present at the Annual General Meeting. Former President of NILS Bangladesh, Muhommod Mamun, announced the New Board Members (2021-2022) and introduced with joy.

Lutfunnahar Shancyi has been sworn in as President, with Fatima Zahra Ahasan Raisa appointed as General Secretary. This year, in addition to the Vice President role, several Associates have been appointed. Members of the new national board include: Sabit Kayes Rahat is the Vice President (Events), Waidatul Akmam Tahsin & Shahriar Kabir Rimonare the Associate Vice President (Events), and Tashnia Majumder Dyuti is the Vice President (Competition).Sk Kaniz Fatema  and Roksana Jannat – Associate Vice President (Competition), Farhat Islam – Vice President (Advocacy), Lamia Khan Shethil -Associate Vice President (Advocacy), Pranta Karan – Vice President (Finance), Rahatul Karim – Vice President (Marketing), Aranna Hossain Sakib & Imtiaz Vuian Mahi – Associate Vice President (Marketing), A B M. Sabbir Hossain Vice President (Partnership, Development and External Exchange), Tasnia Nishat Mim – Associatre Vice President (Partnership, Development and External Exchange). Nadia Islam Nody has been appointed to as Vice President (Publication), also known as the Editor in Chief for the Editorial Board. Furthermore, “Editorial Assistants” Nusrat Jahan Nishat, MehenajBinte Amin, Mehedi Hasan, Mosabbir Hossain, Mashrur Rahman Mahin, and Sumaiya Sultana Ritu have been appointed.

At the end, Fresh office bearers took over the responsibilities from the existing committee to represent NILS Bangladesh with new goals in mind.